Create a Flash Website without learning any code. This is amazing and free. If you design a flash site with wix, please post link under comments. Thanks.

What an awesome resource. My co-worker shared this awesome site with me. It is perfect for the urgent project that is due "yesterday"...Which is the norm in the retail marketing world.

Getting that perfect picture for your campaign is like finding a dance partner. They both have to be in sync. So, who leads this dance? Our attention would first be captured by the photo, which in turn would drive us to read the message.

But to make heads turn, you must turn to the audience you are trying to reach. But it is important not to generalize your audience, because you will end up with generic looking photos.The secret to avoiding this mistake would be to research the personal interest and values of the core customer: This will help understand the mood of the piece. Will it be crisp and clean, or will it be grungy?
Ideally the customer is the brand and the brand is the customer. They share common interest and values. That's why the customer identifies with the photo and the message.
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If you are looking for an alternative photo or graphic image library this might be the site for you! Pay as you go or pay a subscription. Images are all royalty free.

Have you ever struggled finding the perfect colors for your projects. This community can help you with your color block. Since I rejoined ColourLovers under a new name, my colors, palettes and patterns are a work in progress.
Paris Piano BarParis in Spring
You can view and download members inspirational colors and patterns. If you need color in your professional life then visit the site. Don't forget to add me and my " Favorite Vacation" group into you profile.
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I usually find my self using this tool to find copy/taglines for marketing campaigns. For example, with a summer theme I would type in "summer" or words that describe summer(hot, fun, etc). You can choose if you want the word in the beginning or at the end of the tagline. You will see a variety of choices which you can use to inspire your next tagline. Free Online Dictionary

Make your own box without any special software! Arca Magica presents 336 royalty-free templates which you can use for preparing your own great packaging. You can easily open in Illustrator and rescale or customize to create your own unique packaging. Click here to visit site.

I love using templates as references guides. Great tool if you are not completely familiar with new software. Some clients like more than one choice to choose from and these books help make that happen. The books come with a CD library of templates to help quickly create variations of Quark pages, Indesign books, Ad layouts and more.
Click here to view entire collection.

I found user friendly, customizable theme that is an ideal solution for online newspapers, online magazines and designers. They have single-use package is for the person who intends on using this theme on a single website and multiple-use page more than one website.

What is Brand Marketing? The "brand" is the actual service or product, and "marketing" is the action of creating awareness to the masses.A good brand has personality traits. Brand personality traits usually align with it core customers values. Learn more with my picks above.

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