Now you can retrieve your photos from photo sites, like Smugmug or Photobucket, to make your own book. I created a book for my portfolio and it's impressive. It looks like something I would had purchased at a book store. Although there are few steps involve, like downloading and installing BookSmart software (free), it's worth it. The software guides you step by step through the process. The books come in variety of sizes, including hardcover with beautiful dust jackets, and softcover.You can upload pictures from you computer or photo sites like photobucket and Smugmug. What really impressed me was the option to invite contributors into creating a book. I keeps a project log of invites, deadlines and active participates.

You can create a portfolio of your work, a book of your blog, a cook book etc. and share or sell it on the blurb site you keep the profits. If you make a book please let me know. I would love to add a link to your site.


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